December 30, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 12/30/2018 Butcher's vs Hunter's

My son and I were able to squeeze in one more game of Guild Ball in for 2018 today.  Once again it was Butcher's vs Hunter's, Ox vs Theron.

The only change my son had in his lineup from the other day was swapping out his Mascot, where I decided to go with my same lineup.

V Minx

My Butcher's ended up winning 12-8, but this game was much closer than it actually looked.  With the Butcher's being up 8-4, I ran out of time on the clock and the Hunter's were threatening for a goal.  I managed to get another Taken Out for a 10-4 lead, but the Hunter's came back with a Taken Out themselves on 'Shank' to make it 10-6  I then had 'Seenah' surrounded with 'Boiler' and 'Ox' and loaded them up on Influence and went to town on 'Seenah'.  'Boiler' managed to do most of the damage and his final swing I took the Knocked Down on 'Seenah'.  I had given up 2 VP on the close as of now and the score was 10-8.  With 10 HP left on 'Seenah' and the Bleed condition, 'Ox' only needed to do 7 damage with his 5 attacks.  'Ox' managed to do enough to get the Taken Out on 'Seenah' and the win for Butcher's 12-8.  'Veteran Minx' never did her Goal, 'Tenderizer' was sitting there doing his job and kept her just out of range for a shot.


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