December 16, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 12/16/2018 Mason's vs Hunter's

This afternoon my son and I headed down to South Bend for some Guild Ball Open Play, I had a feeling attendance would be light with a big event happening in Chicago this weekend.  Anyways I decided to try a different Guild to see how it goes....note to self, I probably need to stop doing this and concentrate on my Butcher's.  As much a I like having all the other Guilds, I do not think I am ready to randomly start playing all of could have been my attitude towards the dice also....rolling nothing but 1,2,3... occasionally I had a decent roll.

V Harmony
V Minx

Mason's were down 6-0 and then started a little comeback with Taken Outs to 'Veteran Minx' and 'Theron', but then the Hunter's added 2 more Taken Outs (one being 'Marbles') and the score was now 9-4.  'Flint' had an attempt for a goal run but had to take a Parting Blow from 'Theron'.... 'Theron' got just enough for the Knocked Down... game was now over...  another Taken Out on 'Flint' and 'Marbles' and it was 12-4 Hunter's.

I get used to damage output that my Butcher's can do and it gets irritating then to see a Mason hit for only 1 damage.  Maybe next time I should just try my Fisherman again (I now they cannot do damage on just concentrate on scoring).


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