January 9, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'PIAT Team'

Nothing better to do on Sunday's than to watch football and get some painting done. IN the last 15 years of painting, I never had space next to my painting station to place a TV or an iPad next to me to watch TV and paint. With my new setup, I actually do. So I took advantage of that and had my iPad next to me with the games and got some painting done.

With Version 2 of Bolt Action, 'Shape Charges' are not as bad as they were in Version 1 (no longer penalized for long range). So since there are pieces on the sprues, I decided to add a PIAT Team to my British army.

Great Britain: PIAT Team
Great Britain: PIAT Team
Great Britain: PIAT Team

I am still waiting on a sprue order from Warlord to finish assembling my British Infantry, so I am not sure what models will be next in line to get painted. I may work on some Command models this week.

Painting Points: 2