January 10, 2017

Daily Chronicle: More British Inbound

Back in May of 2014 when my oldest son graduated High School, I purchased him an US Airborne 1000 point army (that we never got around to assembling and painting). So I know we are 15 months away from AdeptiCon 2018, but my son and I are going to work on a themed force the Bolt Action Team Tournament (assuming they will run it again in 2018).

The Team Tournament for Bolt Action is all about having a themed army and having a good time. So since my son never finished his US Airborne, I thought it would be a good incentive to get them done. So now what are we going to theme his army with, since I plan on working on my British all year long for 2017, why not theme his US Airborne with some British Airborne for 'Operation Market Garden'. How successful will this army be, I dont know (especially without any tanks), but I think it will be a nice themed theater list and fun to play.

So I just ordered myself the British 1000 point Airborne army. (This years Team Tournament it is 800 points per player, so this should be enough models, even if they up the points to 1000 for next year).


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