January 7, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Sniper Team'

Well last night I finally got a start on my Great Britain army for Bolt Action. It has been over 2 1/2 years since I last painted anything for Bolt Action and that wa for my German army.

I wanted to start with a small team so I can test the colors I'll be using for the army and to see how they paint. After I applied my wash I was debating if I wanted to go back and highlight the colors. A part of me really wanted to, but another part of me likes the 'natural' look of the soldier after the wash. Sometimes for me when I see highlights that make the model stand out, it just does not look right. I do like highlights fir certain armies and certain games, but Bolt Action for me is about getting dirty in war. So I elected not to re-highlight after my wash and keep the same feel as the rest of my armies. When it comes time for the vehicles and artillary pieces, I will do a little highlighting afterwards on the edges.

Anyways, here's to the first 2 Painting Points of 2017.

Great Britain: Sniper Team
Great Britain: Sniper Team

Painting Points: 2


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