January 26, 2017

Daily Chronicle: 7 Days Until LVO

Just one week until my son and I will be driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Open (LVO) that is being held at the Bally's Events Center and Grand Ballroom (looks like they expanded their space for this year).  I cannot wait to get out of the cold from the Midwest for a few days.  This will be the second year that my son and I will be attending.  Last year we both went to go and play in the Warmachine/Hordes Masters, this year I am going just to have fun while my son will once again play in the WM/H Masters on Saturday.

Originally we had planned this trip back when I was living in Arizona so it was a no brainer in attending again.  But since I moved to Michigan in the Fall, I was not originally planning on going back for 2017.  But in December I decided to go ahead and purchase a plane ticket down to Arizona to see the family and then drive up to Vegas with my son.

I am not officially entered in any events, so my plan is just to have fun for the weekend.

Thursday 2/2/2017: Thursday will mainly be just a travel day for us.  We'll take our time driving up and plan our arrival time to be about the same time we can check into our timeshare.  Registration will be available from 4pm-8pm for early badge pickup, so I think my son and I will head over to Bally's around that time and pick up our badges (so we do not have to worry about it on Friday).  Then we'll probably head out for a nice relaxing dinner and maybe some 'real' dice rolling.

Friday 2/3/2017: The plan for Friday is to have an open day for the two of us.  Jeremy from 'Chef of War' will be busy setting up tables for the weekend's Bolt Action Tournament, so I offered our services to him if he needed any help.  Then my son and I would like to get some smaller games of Bolt Action in so he can refresh on his rules and see whats new in Version 2. This will also give me some more freshening up for Saturday.  I may also plan on watching some of the Malifaux events, since this game has peeked my interest lately and I have been debating about jumpinig into it.

Saturday 2/4/2017: My son on Saturday will be busy playing in the Warmachine/Hordes Masters Tournament so I was originally just going to plan my day walking around and checking out all the other events.  Then with my recent revival of Bolt Action, I reached out to Jeremy who is running the event and offered my services as a 'Ringer' in case he needed one for Saturday.  I could not commit to the Tournament myself (since I'd like to spend Sunday gaming with my son), so I thought getting in three real games of Bolt Action @ 1250 points would be fun.  No pressure on me playing as the Ringer, so it will be a good time getting more games of BA in.  I do not plan on flying with any of my Bolt Action armies, but my sons United States Army is still in Arizona with him, so I will just play with that army.  I'm also letting Jeremy use that army for Sunday in case he needs to (one less thing for him to also travel with on the plane).

Sunday 2/5/2017:  The plan for Sunday is just to have an open gaming day with my son playing Warmachine/Hordes.  Since attending Lock & Load back in June, I only played one game of WM/H, so it will be a lot of re-learning the rules for me.  All my WM/H armies are still back in Arizona so I obviously have not touched any of those models recently.  I'd like to bring them back with me to Michigan, but that may have to wait until May when I pick up my wife and youngest kid and drive the van back.  We'll probably start with some smaller point games before we jump in and play a 75 point game.  Hopefully my son will not be too bored with WM/H that day since he'll be playing it all day on Saturday.  If it comes up, we can always take a break and check out some of the other events.  Then after the awards on Sunday, hopefully we can catch the end of Super Bowl LI.

Monday 2/6/2017: Monday will be another travel day back to Arizona.  I'd like to get an early start and get back earlier so I can spend some time with my wife and kids before I fly back to Michigan on Tuesday.

Between all the gaming events over the weekend, I will also be checking out all the vendor areas.  I am sure I will probably find something that I want, and hopefully somehow get it to fit in my suitcase to bring it home.  Like I mentioned above, I'd like to try and bring back a WM/H army, but it may have to wait.  I may just jump into Malifaux when I get back to Michigan and start fresh with an army there.  I did find a nice group out here that plays Malifaux, and I am still searching for WM/H players.  So that is also part of my dilema on what I want to do....... or just stick with Bolt Action and concetrate on that.  We shall see.


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