January 28, 2017

Daily Chronicle: The British Have Landed

It a was a good end of the week for me for deliveries.  First on Thursday my British sprues from Warlord Games finally arrived.  These were ordered just after Christmas while they had their 50% off sale on sprues.  So I needed two sprues each of Late War Infantry and Weapons so I could flush out my four units of Infantry.  Each Infantry can have 10 men, but I modeled 11 for each (an extra SMG for Late War).  Then with the Infanry sprues, I was also able to make two Officer Teams with SMG's.  This way if I ever decide to play with two platoons, I will have a Lt. for each.

Then on Friday my 1000 pt British Airborne models arrived.  These will hit the painting table once I get my Late War British done.  The deadline to complete these models is AdeptiCon 2018, so I still have plenty of time.  Instead of playing 'Operation Market Garden' themed lists with my sons US Airborne, we decided we be doing a 'Normandy' themed list instead.  The rules for this year are 800 pts each (not sure if they will stay the same for next year), we have yet to think about any list building.  Maybe over dinner in Las Vegas next week we'll start playing with some lists.



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