January 20, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain '25-PDR Howitzer & Limber'

The 25 pounder was the key howitzer used by the British Army throughout World War 2 and beyond. It was found in every theatre of war.

Over the last two days I was able to work on another Artillery piece for my British Army, the 25-PDR Howitzer. In Bolt Action, this gun counts as a light howitzer. In Version 2 of Bolt Action, there is not a real need to have a tow for this gun (unless I want to move it farther onto board with reserves or units coming in on first wave) otherwise a light and medium artillery units can be issued a Run order and move 6" (instead of the normal 12" for Run). When being towed it is assumed that the gun has a limber, but since this model came with one, I thought it would be nice to also paint it up.

Great Britain: 25-PDR Howitzer & Limber
Great Britain: 25-PDR Howitzer & Limber

Painting Points: 4


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