December 7, 2010

WM: Khador Iron Fang Pikemen Officer & Standard (UA)

To go along with the first 6 models of my Unit of "Iron Fang Pikemen" I finished last week, I decided to go ahead and add the "Officer & Standard" to the Unit.

I personally have not played with the "Officer and Standard" to their full potential, but the latest errata from Privateer Press has changed the way 'Defensive Formation' works for them changing the original word "activation" to "action".  Personally I play the game for fun instead of the win.  So now they cannot move 17" like they could have previously.

For me, these guys are more of a 'point filler' just in case I need a few extra points.

I still have 4 more IFP to complete to fill out the Unit, but I'll move onto another model for now and come back to the Unit at a later time.

Iron Fang Pikemen Officer

Iron Fang Pikemen Standard

Painting Points: 2


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