December 27, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 12/27/2010

Christmas Aftermath

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas the other day and received all the new miniatures that they wanted.  For our family since we are Eastern Orthodox and follow the original calendar, our religious Christmas is January 7th.  To make it easier for the kids growing up though we tell the kids that December 25th is the day that 'Santa' deliveries his presents.  So on December 25th, the kids get toys from 'Santa' and on January 7th they get toys and gifts from 'Mom and Dad'.

Unfortunately for me, Santa did not bring me any new miniatures, I still have January 7th to hope for.  Santa did bring my oldest boy plenty of miniatures that will be keeping me busy painting for the rest of 2010 and into 2011.

All my son has singing leading to Christmas was (not literally, but close enough) "All I want for Christmas is my "Ol Rowdy", "Ol Rowdy"...... so here is what Santa delivered to my boy:

Protectorate of Menoth
Protectorate of Menoth "Battlegroup" (classic)
Unit: "Choir Acolyte's"
Solo: "The Covenant of Menoth"
Enough points for a 15 point army.

Warcaster: "Major Marcus Siege Brisbane"
Solo: "Squire"
Solo: "Captain Maxwell Finn"
Warjack: "Firefly"
Warjack: "Ol Rowdy", yes he got his "Baby" as he calls it......

Games Workshop
Warhammer Fantasy
Core: High Elf "Spearmen"
Special: High Elf "Dragon Princes of Caledor"
Special: High Elf "Phoenix Guard" x2

He has has enough High Elves to keep him busy for awhile.  Now we just have to find some more time and squeeze in some Fantasy games.

Time to hit the painting table........


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