December 30, 2010

WM: Protectorate High Exemplar Kreoss (Warcaster)

My first attempt ever for painting a Protectorate of Menoth model.  Santa had brought a 15 point army for my son and I was itching to try painting one of these guys.  I've been contemplating on how I was going to paint the 'white' for this army.  I really do not like painting white.  I like to 'speed paint' and white just takes to long.... lol...

Here is what I did for my attempt at 'Protectorate White':

First; Primer the entire model with 'flat white' spray.  I really enjoy priming with 'black' since black allows you to be a little sloppy and the model still looks good.  With white you have to spend more time applying your base coats in order not to show any white in the crevices.

Second; I base coated the model using all P3 paints.  The 'white' areas were base coated with 'Menoth White Base'.

Third; With the entire model now base coated with the colors I wanted to use, I 'washed' the entire model with GW 'Gryphnne Sephia'.  I felt that if I used 'Devlan Mud', the crevices in the cloak would be too dark.

Fourth; With the 'wash' now dry, it was time for final highlights.  The red areas were highlighted with 'Sanguine Highlight'.  All the white areas were now painted with 'Menoth White Highlight' and make sure to try and leave some of the base coat and wash showing in the crevices.

Fifth; I then decided to use GW 'Badab Black' wash and apply just a 'fine' amount on the red cloth and on some of the metal areas, specifically on the mask.

All in all, I think "Kreoss" came out looking pretty good for tabletop.  Now we shall see how the 'white' looks like when I attempt a Warjack.  This wont be for awhile, still too much Cygnar to paint.

High Exemplar Kreoss

High Exemplar Kreoss

High Exemplar Kreoss

High Exemplar Kreoss

Painting Points: 1


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