December 31, 2010

Painting Points: December 2010

It's the final month and day of 2010 and to recap the 'Painting Points' for 2010.  Just like November, December was not a 'high' month regarding actual Painting Points, but it was another good month in regards to getting models finished.

This past month I have only been painting Warmachine models, so here is a quick breakdown on what was completed:

# of Models
Warcasters: 4
Warjacks: 3
Solos: 3
Units: 23

Total Painting Points for the month: 47
Total Painting Points for the year: 819

Not too shabby for 2010.  819 'Painting Points'.  Will 2011 see that many points?  I highly doubt it.  Not too many planned armies coming in 2011.  Mostly finishing up some items that I have.

I'll be working on my 2011 'resolutions' shortly and hopefully have them posted later tomorrow.  A recap of 2010 will be coming later tonight. 

Read more about "Painting Points" HERE
Thanks to Lone Pilgrim and Equinox for the idea of Painting Points.


  1. Thanks, I owe it all to you.... The 'Painting Points' really kept me motivated to paint all year long.