December 24, 2010

Battle Report: WM Khador vs. Cryx

Even though I have played a little over a dozen Warmachine games in the last month I have yet to write up a 'Battle Report'.  As I mentioned last night, yesterday I had a 'League' game with a friend of mine.  For our league, you can choose any point size game and you are allowed to play with 'Territories'.  We drafted three 'Territories' before the league started and after each win you can either gain a random territory or take one that your opponent has wagered.  Each game you are allowed to play with up to three territories.  The 'Territories' add some benefits to the game, but are not overpowering.  You are allowed to play 2 games per week, and you earn 1 point for a Loss, 2 points for a Win by Caster, and 3 points for a Win by Scenario.  You can also gain a bonus point for other achievements (i.e. painted Warcaster, painted Battlegroups and so on).

I was playing my Khador army, and Rob was playing his Cryx.  We decided on a 15 point game and Rob was playing with a territory that allowed him 1 extra point.  Here are the lists:

Vladimir, The Dark Prince (*5pts)
* Berserker 
* Juggernaut 
Yuri the Axe 

Iron Lich Asphyxious (*6pts)
* Cankerworm 
* Reaper 
Bane Knights (Leader and 9 Grunts) 

Rob rolled  for the scenario and were playing 'Killing Field'.
I won the die roll and elected to go second.  I knew his Cryx army was much faster than my Khador and with my army I did not think I had a chance to control 7 points for the Scenario win and I had to go for the quick Caster kill.  So I was trying to set him up so I could get a Turn 2 Win.

Turn 1:
Cryx:  Rob ran his Unit of Bane Knights up closed to two of the objectives, and positioned his Cankerworm near the third objective.  He ran the Reaper up 12" and moved Asphyxious up 6" and casted a range spell that back fired and the AOE landed on Reaper and did a few points of damage.

Khador:  I had my two Manhunters and Yuri up in the woods due to Advanced Deployment so I positioned these close to objective 'three' and within striking range to get a charge on the Cankerworm during my next turn.  Berserker and Juggernaut both ran up but not the full 8".  Vlad followed behind Juggernaut.  Turn 1 was now over.

Turn 2:
Cryx:  Rob stretched his Bane Knights so he can control objectives 'one' and 'two'.  Cankerworm was still positioned near objective 'three' but not quite touching it.  Rob moved up his Reaper and tried using Reaper's harpoon on the Juggernaut, but failed to due any damage, so it was ineffective.  Asphyxious moved up and did his ranged 'cloud' effect at Juggernaut.  He was just out of range, so the cloud deviated just a bit.  Rob's Turn 1 was now over.

Khador:  It was now or never for me.  I used one of my territories that granted me (once per game) +1 SPD and used it on Berserker.  Berserker went and Slammed the Reaper and it was a direct hit, unfortunately the Reaper was only slammed back 1" and just missed hitting Asphyxious.  I positioned Vlad just behind Berserker and still within 6" of Juggernaut.  Vlad 'popped' his 'Feat' and cast 'Boundless Charge' on the Juggernaut.  The Juggernaut just barely being able to see the Reaper from the cloud effect charged the Reaper 13" (4"+4"+2"+3") and was within melee range of the Reaper and Asphyxious.  For my initial attack, I decided to just use my 'Open Fist' on the Reaper.  I was saving my 'Ice Axe' for the win.  Damage was applied to the Reaper.  Now it was time to finish Asphyxious.  I boosted my attack with the 'Ice Axe' and scored a critical hit.  He was now stationary.  The 'Ice Axe' also did 14 points of damage.  I decided not to boost that damage roll.  I paid a Focus point for another attack with the 'Ice Axe'.  Since he was stationary, my attack automatically hit.  It was time to end it.  I boosted my damage roll (just to be safe)(yes, saving the Focus for another attack would have been better) and Asphyxious' head went flying off the table.

Win for Khador.

Thanks Rob for the game and being a sport and allowing us to D6 the call on Juggernaut being able to see the Reaper from the cloud effect.

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  1. I'm really liking the 15 point games. This one was a lot of fun. Thanks for writing up such a good battle report for it. I really should write up a few myself, as reading over it after the game I think helps me think about strategies going forward.