December 19, 2010

WM: Khador Berserker (Warjack)

After a very very long week at work, yesterday officially kicked-off vacation for me through out the rest of 2010.  So with yesterday being my first day off, painting had to commence.

On January 2nd, 2011 we are having a small 15 pt tourney with certain restrictions ( 1 Caster/1 Warjack / 1 Unit / 1 Solo, any leftover points can be used on additional Warjacks or UA's).  So in order to get 2 Warjacks into my lists, I needed to get a 'cheap' Warjack for Khador.  So that then brings us to "Berserker", the lowest cost Warjack for Khador (6 points) and he can definitely hold his own.  Only downside, use too much 'Focus' and you may destroy yourself.

Last weekend I was able to pick up my "Berserker" at a local game store (Gamers Inn) was able to build him last weekend, but do to work being so busy, only yesterday I was able to paint him.

I bring you "Berserker"



Painting Points: 5


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