December 24, 2010

WM: Khador Kommander Strakhov (Warcaster)

As much as I love collecting different armies, I also want to collect all the models for my Khador army and my son's Cygnar army.  The other night I was contemplating  picking up a few models start a Cryx army, or add some more to my Khador.  After a long decision (yea it was tough) I decided to pick up two more models for Khador.  Cryx will just be another small 15 point army, but Khador is my pride and joy.

The decision was to pick up another Warcaster "Kommander Strakhov" (I really like the look of this model.  I purchased this model for the looks and not the playability, but we'll see how he does later on), and I also picked up another Warjack, Classic "Marauder".

This morning I had a Warmachine league game scheduled with a friend of mine at 11 AM, but I had a few hours before than to get a start on my new Warcaster "Kommander Strakhov".  I was able to get most of him completed before I headed out and when I got back I finished up the base and sprayed the matte coat.

Kommander Strakhov

Kommander Strakhov

Kommander Strakhov

Kommander Strakhov

Painting Points: 1

1 comment:

  1. Excellent work. Love the Warmachine updates, specially the Khador ones!


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