December 13, 2010

WM: Cygnar Trencher Grenade Porter (UA)

This past week I have been really busy with "work" and I did not really get a chance to get much done in regards to painting.  This coming week will also be really busy, so I decided to this past Saturday and Sunday to get a few models done.  Not as much as I had wanted to, but being to complete anything is an accomplishment.

The last two weeks of this month I will be on vacation from work to enjoy the Holidays.  I am planning (and hoping) to be able to get a lot more painted and play quite a few games.

Well up first from this weekends models is a "Trencher Grenade Porter" to add to my son's "Trencher Infantry" Unit that were completed the other day.

Trencher Grenade Porter

Trencher Grenade Porter

Painting Points: 1
(up next will be some Khador models)


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