December 8, 2010

WM: Cygnar Trenchers Infantry (Unit)

It was time to get back to my son's Cygnar army.  Seeing how I completed all of his Warcasters, Warkjack's and Solo's I had to now start on one of his Unit's.  He currently has a full 10 man Unit of "Long Gunners" (+ "Office & Standard") and he also has a 10 man Unit of "Trencher Infantry" (+ a "Trencher Grenadier" UA).  Like what I did with my "Iron Fang Pikemen", I decided to start on his "Trencher Infantry" (since most people like to play with this Unit) and paint just the "Leader" and 5 "Grunts" for now.  I will then come back and finish painting the remaining 4 at a later time.

Now that the first 6 are done, next for Cygnar will most likely be the "Trencher Grenadier" followed by starting with some "Long Gunners".  That will keep me busy until 'Santa' brings some more models for Christmas.

Trencher Infantry Leader
Trencher Infantry Leader
Trencher Infantry Grunts
Trencher Infantry Leader & Grunts
Painting Points: 6


  1. Very nice paint job. Very characterful models!

  2. I really like those. Super clean and very effective paint scheme.

  3. Thank You. I'm trying to paint my Warmachine models as close to 'studio' colors as possible for me....


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