February 6, 2019

Guild Ball: Pitches Arrived

I am running my first Guild Ball event next month on March 16th, 2019 at Fantasy Games in South Bend, IN and the event more than likely will not sell out the 16 spots allocated, I thought just in case I better purchase some more Guild Ball Pitches.

Currently I own 5 Pitches, 2 Steamforged Games Classic Pitches and 3 Hidden Forest Pitches which would be enough for a 10 player event.

Steamforged Games Classic Pitch

Hidden Forest Pitch

Before leaving on vacation, I came across a website that was clearing out the Steamforged Games Classic Pitches and Proving Ground Pitches, these Pitches retail for $58.00 and they were down to $20.00.  At that price, I ordered 5 more Pitches, 4 of the Classic and 1 of the Proving Grounds (since I did not own one of these yet).

Steamforged Games Proving Grounds Pitch

While on vacation last week, my package arrived and I finally gotten around to open the shipping boxes.

With the 10 Pitches that i know currently own, hosting a 16-20 player event will not be a problem.


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