February 24, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Bourbon Trail Open IV Recap

Well late last night the Bourbon Trail Open IV here in Radcliff, KY has ended and Alex Botts with the Butcher's Guild is the Champion after 6 Rounds of play.

The results from Bourbon Trail Open IV can be found HERE on Longshanks.

Out of the 6 Rounds, I only played in 3.  My first 2 games were mirror match ups against Butcher's and my third game was against the Alchemist's Guild, and it was probably my least fun game of playing Guild Ball ever and I really did not feel like continuing afterwards.

Round 1 vs Brad Moreland (Butcher's)
Lost 12-4, fun game, great opponent.

Round 2 vs Keith Golimowski (Butcher')
Lost 12-4, fun game, great opponent.

Round 3 vs Nicholas Garcia (Alchemist's)
Lost 12-2, worst game ever, no player interaction.  He never crossed his starting line till Turn 4 and kept on retreating to his goal.

So after 3 Rounds, I was done...now I wish I would have played my 4th (it looked liked it may have been against my friend Frank), but at this point I was ready to hit the bar and drink some Bourbon, which I enjoyed much more than game 3.  I also was able to finally watch Alex Botts play a game with his Butcher's during Round 4.

My son ended up going 0-4 with his Hunter's, and my friends Frank (Brewers's) went 1-3 and Josh (Navigator's) went 2-4 and actually stuck it out through all 6 Rounds.  After Round 4 it was time to get some dinner and relax for the evening.

Here are a few pics of the event.


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