February 4, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #5

While being on vacation last week, I missed out on posting "Weekly Chronicle #4", there actually was not much to report, and there is not much to report for last week.

I finished the month of January only playing 4 games of Guild Ball, which is a lot less than I had hoped for.  I am really hoping February will be a better month.  I do have a semi local Guild Ball event I am planning on attending in 2 weeks, and then on the 23rd of February is the Bourbon Trail Open IV down in Kentucky, so between those 2 events and practice games for those events, I should hit double digits this month for Guild Ball games.

That still leaves me needing practice games for X-Wing.  I am signed up for the X-Wing Championships on AdeptiCon Friday (though I will probably lose my first 2 games and be eliminated), but I still need to refresh up on my lists.  There was an update last week for the points costs of the ships, so now I have to go through my lists and see which I want to play.  I have been leaning towards a Boba Fett list, but I may elect to change that, we shall see.

I need to try and squeeze in 1-2 practice games of Guild Ball each week and a practice game of X-Wing.

Regarding the painting side of my hobby, it has been really really bad this year.  Right now I am not feeling a spark to get anything completed.

Models Completed: 0

Games Played: 0


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