February 18, 2019

Battle Report: Guild Ball 2/17/2019 Butcher's vs Hunter's

With Bourbon Trail Open IV fast approaching this weekend, and missing out on an event this past Saturday, my son and I were able to squeeze in a game last night.

I felt like playing a change today, so I went with 'Fillet' as my Captain to get a little bit more practice with her, but I was actually stunned when I saw my son throw down 'Skatha' instead of 'Theron'.  This was definitely going to be a little different now.

V Ox
V Minx

I do not recall all the exact details, but here quick breakdown: Hunter's went up early 4-0 with a Screamer Goal from 'Skatha'.  Butcher's came back with a Taken Outs to make the game 4-2.  When 'Skatha' came back onto the Pitch, she managed to retrieve the ball and go in for another score giving the Hunter's a 8-2 lead.  The Butcher's Goal Kick was placed perfectly for 'Brisket' to activate and go on a goal run herself.... Screaming Goal for 'Brisket', 8-6 Hunter's.  Butcher's then were able to get Taken Outs on 'Seenah' and 'Chaska' giving them the lead now 10-8.  Top of Turn 3 and the Butcher's won initiative and now need to decide on either finishing off 'Skatha' or going for 'Veteran Minx'.  The Butcher's decided to load up an engaged 'Fillet' and start stabbing 'Skatah' to death.  With a 5 DEF on 'Skatha' it did take quite a few stabbings to finally bring her down for a Butcher's win 12-8.  If 'Fillet' would have faltered, 'Ulfr' was within scoring range with the ball and easily would have won the game with another goal.

This game was a nice change of pace with both sides actually doing some scoring.  I can myself possibly trying this list again this weekend, we shall see.


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