February 25, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #8 (Recovery & Prep)

Bourbon Trail Open IV is now complete and it is time to concentrate on my upcoming tournament on March 16th, and AdeptiCon which starts in 30 days.  BTO IV was a good time, I do wish I could have played one more game, but the feeling after Round 3 was pretty bad.  I wish more players can play for fun...do not get me wrong, I understand this was a tournament, but we were both in Round 3 with a 0-2 record with no chance of finishing in the Top 5, I think at that point, players need to dial down the competitiveness a bit.

There was also a post in the Guild Ball Facebook Group that a British player noticed that about half the players had dropped out from BTO IV and made a comment how he sees a lot of Americans doing this at events and that it is disrespectful of the TO.  I do not believe this shows disrespect, at least I do not do it for disrespect, I go to these events for the ambiance of the event (this one was in a Bourbon distillery).  I am happy to play my 3-4 games in the day and then I like to enjoy the rest of the day and venue, in this case drinking some Bourbon and watching Alex Botts play his Butcher's on the top table.  Coming from playing Warmachine/Hordes tournaments, this is kind of the norm, once you lose 2-3 game (sometimes even 1 if you are a real competitive player) you drop out of the event.  One of my travel partners did not even know the distillery had a gift shop since he was busy in the gaming room, when I was done after Round 3, I enjoyed the venue, the gift shop, and came home with some "Lincoln" Bourbon that I was hoping for.

There was a lot of news last week for Guild Ball that will be hitting this Friday March 1st, new Captains, new Miner's Guild, and the errata will all be hitting this weekend.  It is going to be a busy weekend getting everything all squared away and learning about the new changes.

Not sure how much gaming will be scheduled for this week, tonight will be clean up from BTO IV, maybe Thursday night get in a game of Guild Ball, and I also need to start getting in a game of X-Wing.

Maybe we will even start painting another model....we shall see...


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