February 20, 2019

Daily Chronicle: 3 Days Till "Bourbon Trail Open IV"

OK, so I am very excited for this weekend's "Bourbon Trail Open IV" down in Radcliff, KY at the Boundary Oak Distillery.  This will actually be the largest event I have attended to date for Guild Ball (there are a few more later this year that will/may top this one) but I am really looking forward to this one.

I think part of the reason for the excitement is the ambiance of the venue itself, it is tough to drive 6+ hours for an event that will be held in a gaming store (one reason why "Spring Fling" was a tough decision to attend), but to play Guild Ball in a Bourbon distillery, that was an easy decision to make.  If you are not doing so well on the Pitch, then just slide yourself over to the bar and drown out your sorrows.

I am also looking forward to purchasing one of the distilleries special bottles called "Lincoln", I am just hoping they still have them available when we arrive.

Tonight I will probably start packing the Guilds and some of the accessories and then finish my packing Thursday night.

Just 3 more days till Kick-Off.


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