February 18, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #7 (Week of Bourbon Trail Open IV)

Seven weeks into 2019 and honestly I am way behind on what I had set myself out to complete for this year.  I have only played 6 games of Guild Ball, 4 of Destiny and that is it, I only finished painting 1 model and that was 'Rookie Seenah' way back at the beginning of January.  I had really expected to have more games of Guild Ball in by now, along with a few of X-Wing.  AdeptiCon is coming next month and I have no practice games of X-Wing in, I think next week it will be time to sliding in a game a week.

This past week was almost a pretty pathetic week for me, but yesterday made some of it back up.  I was suppose to play in a Guild Ball event on Saturday up in Grand Rapids, but some personal business I had to get done had me driving to Chicago for the day, there went 4 games I could have played.  Luckily yesterday evening my son and I were able to squeeze a practice game in (short report coming later).  Also yesterday morning I actually did a lot of work on 'Veteran Calculus' and she will be getting finished up today, so at least for next week I will have a model completed.

With Bourbon Trail Open IV coming up this weekend, we may try and get in another practice game tonight (but part of me is leaning towards a little X-Wing) since next Saturday is going to be a very long day.  With over 40 players registered, it looks like it will be a 6 Round event.  I know I have no chance in winning, let alone winning an actual game, but since we are driving all the way down there and spending money on a hotel, I am going to try and play as many rounds as possible.  More than likely I will play in 5 rounds and then probably drop the final round so I can watch the top table and enjoy some bourbon (but we'll see what my record is going into the final round).  At least that will get me 5-6 games of Guild Ball for the week and add to my yearly total, my goal for the year is to get in 50 games of Guild Ball.

Models Completed: 0

Games Played: 1


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