December 30, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #52

Well, this is the final Weekly Chronicle of 2019, #52 and at least I was able to savage some of the week this past weekend.

I was able to get a 'Primaris Librarian' completed for my Imperial Fists over the weekend, and also yesterday my son and I got in a game of Warhammer 40K, testing out our halves of our AdeptiCon Team Tournament lists, 1000 points each.  I was actually a little worried if my list could take on any vehicles, and I was shocked how well the 'Centurion Devastator Squad' can do just that.

A few models are primed and ready to go for the week, but will not be completed in time for 2019, so I then have a start for 2020.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my "2019 Year in Review".

Models Completed: 1
Games Played: 1


  1. I will be at Adepticon next year cant wait to see you.

  2. Cool, glad your coming back for 2020. Seminars again for the weekend, or are you planning in playing in any events.

  3. No seminars will be playing in the Gaslands event and hanging out.