December 4, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Game Plus Products Flagship Gaming Bag

After 15+ years with my Sabol Army Transport bag for my Black Templars, the straps which are attached to the bag are deteriorating, so it was time to shop around for a new bag and or foam.  It was also a good time as I needed a new bag and foam for my Imperial Fists army.

My first thought was that I was going to replace the bag/foam with Battlefoam during their Black Friday sale.  I really do love my current Battlefoam bags/foam, but the shipping from them is a little high, plus the actual foam for my Black Templars is still good and all I needed was the bag to be replaced.

I then started to look into the gaming bags from Game Plus Products when I came across them on the Miniature Market website.  I have noticed their foam in the past at conventions and gaming stores but never paid attention to their bags.

It turns put that the inside dimensions (foam) is the same size as the foam from Sabol, this would save me a little money in not having to replace the foam for my Black Templars.  While I decided to use this bag for my Black Templars, I then just went ahead and ordered 2 (1 for my Imperial Fists and foam).  I figure if I ever need 1 or 2 trays real quick, it is easier running to my gaming store to pick some up.  I place my order on Miniature Market on Thanksgiving, and already yesterday my package had arrived.

The new bag holds all my Black Templars (including a new 4" foam for my Land Raider Crusader), plus there is room for at least another 1"-1.5" tray.

Now it's time to pluck the rest of the trays for my Imperial Fists.


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