December 12, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Tactical Squad I'

Yes, they are not the latest, coolest, models for Space Marines but instead a classic and I wanted to have some models available as point fillers for some lists.  I wanted to have some variety in collecting my Imperial Fists and some kind of theme (Bolters), so I thought the Tactical Squads would be perfect.  I purchased one box of Space Marine Tactical Squads and split them into 2 Units of 5, then added on a Heavy Bolter Marine to make Units of 6.  This will give me a little variety between 5-6 men Units and fill in points as needed.

I have the second Unit ready to be primed next, and although not immediately needed for any lists, they will be next to hit the painting table before moving onto some other Units.

Tactical Squad I

Painting Points: 6


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