December 23, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #51

This past Saturday was a slight change of pace and my son and I got in a game of Guild Ball, it actually has been a pretty long time since I last played, and we got to break open the new Game Plan cards and try them for the first time.  My Cook's Guild lost to the Alchemist's 4-12, but it was nice to change it up and get one last game of Guild Ball for the year.  I still need to squeeze in one more game of X-Wing for the year so I can hit 20 games played, we'll have to see how the weekend goes, Christmas day we'll be spending the day getting in a game of Warhammer 40K.

Modeling wise saw me complete a second Unit of Tactical Squad for my Imperial Fists army.  I have a few more models prepped and ready to go, but I do not want to prime them till after our game on Wednesday, so they may be completed some time next week, probably the start of 2020.

Models Completed: 6
Games Played: 1


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