January 5, 2018

Guild Ball: Brewer’s Guild ‘Veteran Spigot’

As I mentioned in my post “What’s in store for 2018”, conpleting my Brewer’s Guild were up on my list.  The reason that they were higher up on the list than my Blacksmith’s or Farmer’s Guilds is that at AdeptiCon 2018 in March, my son and I will be playing in the Guild Ball Homelands Cup that Sunday.  My son decided that he wanted to play the Nationality of ‘Raed’ and in his roster he wanted to use ‘Veteran Spigot’.  I had not yet finished ‘Veteran Spigot’ as he was in the second set of 6 models I needed to complete for my Brewer’s.  So here we are working on my priorities and ‘Veteran Spigot’ is now completed.

Veteran Spigot

Veteran Spigot

Painting Points: 1


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