January 26, 2018

Battle Report: Hordes 1/25/2018 Minions vs Trollbloods (75 Points)

For now most of my Warmachine/Hordes gaming is against my friend who only plays Trollbloods, so most of my reports will either be my Minions or Khador vs his Trollbloods (until I can get to some events and play other opponents).

Last night I decided to try a new caster for my Minions and used ‘Maelok’, and as always when trying something new I am very unfamiliar on how he actually works.  I knew how to play a lot of his spells, but also missed out on a lot things (mainly gathering souls) which hurt me down the road with Fury.  The Trollbloods player usually plays a high count infantry list with 2 Units of Champions and I knew it was going to be pretty tough.  Mortality was a nice spell from Maelok and I was able to get it off twice which really helped a lot.  In the end, again it was the clock that lost the game for me.  I clocked out at the bottom of Turn 3, with myself being up 1-0 in the Scenario.

Scenario: Outlast


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