January 10, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 1/9/2018 Butcher’s vs Hunter’s

Last night I finally got in a game of Guild Ball for 2018 (actually my first miniature game for 2018).  My goal is to try and get in game at least every other week if possible, just to stay fresh with the ruleset.

I headed over to a friends house (which is much closer than driving down to the game store in South Bend) for our game of Butcher’s vs Hunter’s.  The previous couple of times I have played this friend, he has always played his Fisherman’s Guild, so last night was a first for him with the Hunter’s.

I can never recall every single play, so here are just some of the highights:

Brisket was eventually Taken Out from Hearne, Theron and Jaecar. (0-2)
Meathook and Fillet combined to Take Out Hearne. (2-2)
Brisket came back in and teamed up with Boar, she Tackled Egret for the Ball, then Boar came in and finished up Egret. (4-2)
The Hunter’s clocked out first giving me 2 points from their Activations. (6-2)
My Butcher’s now clocked out and we were both giving up points. (8-4)
Hunter’s Take Out Meathook. (9-6)
Boiler and Fillet finish off Minx (11-7)
The Turn now ended and it was start of the next.  With Hunter’s going with the first Activation there was not anything he could do to get 5 points.

Butcher’s win 12-7.


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