January 22, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #3

The momentum train is still rolling for Week #3.  Week #2 was mainly completing some Guild Ball models and Week #3 I concentrated again on some of my Hordes Minion models.  I even was able to complete 2 models that I had much further down the line in my queue.

I spent all of Saturday out with the family visiting downtown Chicago so not much was completed or prepped over the weekend, but I do have some more model that will be ready this coming week.

I also was able to start using The Hobby Holder yesterday and I am quite happy with how it works.

Barnabas 2 a new Warlock for Minions was also released this past Friday.  My original plan was to go down to South Bend and pick him up on Satirday, but with family plans instead, I was able to purchase him this weekend.  There are a few other Minion models coming out this coming weekend and I may just wait to purchase them all together.

Week #3

Models Completed: 4
Minions: Gatorman Witch Doctor
Minions: Blindwater Brew Witch Doctor
Minions: Feralgeist
Minions: Boneswarm

Games Played: 0


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