January 12, 2018

Battle Report: Hordes 1/11/2018 Minions vs Trollbloods (75 Points)

Last night I was able to play my second miniature game of the week (and year) and this time it was Hordes, and the debut of my ‘Dracodile’ model.  Although ‘Dracodile’ looked really good on the table, my friend playing the Trollbloods did a really good job isolating him and limiting his damage output.

Scenario: Spread the Net

I did a really good job taking out Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters with my Gatorman Posse, but that was about all I could do in the game.  Kolgrima1 kept casting Freezing Mist and placing 3” AOE cloud effects surrounding the Dracodile and on the Dracodile that I could not even hit his Earthborn due to the cloud and the fact the Earthborn was near shallow water.  The Dracodile did manage to get off Acid Breath and hit Mulg and a Solo (killing the Solo), but that was the extent of his damage output.  My 2 Blackhide Wrastlers were also useless due to cloud cover stopping charges and Nyss Hunters blocking charge lanes.  He did a really good job with screening his army.  The score was 3-1 in favor of the Trollbloods before Kolgrima1 could get to Rask with Winter’s Tide and then finish him off with Mulg.  I transferred as much damage as I could to Blackhide Wrastler and the Dracodile.  Rask was Assinated.


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