January 29, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #4

We already completed 4 weeks of 2018 and things having been moving quite nicely on getting models completed for the year.  I seem to always go full blast at the beginning of the year, then slow down through the Summer and pick right back up in the Fall, this year may be the same also with some travels planned for June.  Hopefully it wont last more than the month of June and can pick back up in July.

Anyways, back to Week #4... I was able to get the remaining models/model completed for my Guild Ball Brewer’s Guild and Alchemist’s Guilds, and another model for my Hordes Minions.  I spent most of yesterday getting models prepped for this week.  Regarding games played, I have stuck to my ‘play every other week’ and got in 2 more games, 1 for Guild Ball and 1 for Hordes (both losses).

Week #4

Models Completed: 4
Minions: Croak Hunter
Brewer’s Guild: Pint Pot
Brewer’s Guild: Stoker
Alchemist’s Guild: Smoke

Games Played: 2


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