January 15, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #2

Another week has past in 2018 and so far the momentum is still in full swing.  Usually come Summer time, things slow down for me (though that may change this Summer).  Back to the Weekly Chronicle, I was able to get in some games this week and stay on plan on playing every other week.  I figure if I do this it will still allow me to get models completed along with staying current with the rules.

Painting wise I was able to get 3 more Brewer’s models completed (only 2 left for the Guild) and 1 for the Mason’s.  This past weekend I also managed to get down to the gaming store in South Bend and pick up some more Minion models to add to the queue (Boneswarm, Croak Hunter, Feralgeist), I also was able to get them prepped for the painting table this week.

Week #2

Models Completed: 4
Brewer’s Guild: Esters
Brewer’s Guild: Mash
Brewer’s Guild: Lucky
Mason’s Guild: Lucky

Games Played: 2
Guild Ball: 1
Warmachine/Hordes: 1


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