January 24, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 1/23/2018 Butcher’s vs Hunter’s

Last night was a rematch againt my friend, my Buther’s vs his Hunter’s Guild and the outcome was now the opposite.

We both ended up playing the exact same lists as two weeks ago and I am starting to feel a little bit more comfortable with the Butcher’s.  I still forgot a few things with them but not as many as before, and I am still making a lot of rookie mistakes in the game itself.  The one part of the game that I really do not enjoy is the counter-attack.  I really hate going in for an attack and then my activation ends becasue my opponent was able to Dodge out of melee range, not too thrilled with that one and it happened a couple of times last night mainly with Fillet.

Just like two weeks ago, my friend and I both clocked out during the game, this time with me clocking out first.  I had a decent lead 9-4 (thanks to a Brisket Goal) when I clocked out, but it was not enough, my friend still had 7 minutes on his clock and Theron pounded on Fillet a couple of times.  It came down to the wire and my Butcher’s ended up losing 11-12.


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