October 16, 2017

Guild Ball: The Union in Chains - Week Two - Decimate

We are now into week two for The Union in Chains a Guild Ball Community Event and Steamforged Games just released the two sculpts for ‘Decimate’.  The event is deciding if ‘Decimate’ should be playing for the Brewer’s or Mason’s Guild.

To see the results after week one for The Union in Chains, please click HERE.

Back to the ‘Decimate’ sculpts.  As much as I like my Khador army for Warmachine, the sculpt for the Mason’s Guild is just not doing it for me.  I am leaning for ‘Decimate’ to end up on the Brewer’s Guild (my opion is just how I like the sculpts, not any storyline behind her character).

As of now model wise, I am hoping for:
Hemlocke: Mortician’s
Decimate: Brewer’s

Brewer’s Guild: Decimate

Mason’s Guild: Decimate


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