October 15, 2017

Guild Ball: Blacksmith’s Guild ‘Sledge’

Well after a little delay and sidetracked by a few different models, I finally started on the Blacksmith’s Guild and elected to start with ‘Sledge’, an Attacking Midfielder and an Apprentice for the Guild.  ‘Sledge’ did not look to difficult to paint and wanted to test on my color palette on this model.  I like to try and paint close to studio colors and to me the Blacksmith’s look to be painted with shades of Grey.

Just like with my Farmer’s Guild  I do not plan to rush the painting on this Guild and plan to spend a little bit more time with them.  Plus with ‘real life’ getting in the way today and some of next weekend, my goal is to complete them by the end of the month, that will then give me the whole month of November to finish what ever I need to in time for SteamCon USA.

The Blacksmith’s Guild are a little different than the other Guilds in Guild Ball.  All of the other Guilds have Captains and Mascots, with the Blacksmith’s, they have Masters and Apprentices.  ‘Sledge’ is an Apprentice to his Master ‘Anvil’.  Being an Apprentice to a Master usually grants some abilities in gameplay, and in the case of ‘Sledge’, he has a Character Trait called Tutelage [Anvil] when he starts his activation within [6”] of ‘Anvil’, he may use a Character Play once during its activation without spending Influence.

‘Sledge’ also has some really good stats and can be a scoring threat, and a high threat to get Taken Out’s.  With a TAC 5 plus the Character Play  Piledriver that grants him [+3] net hits and a Momentous 7 damage on his Playbook....watch out.



Painting Points: 1


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