October 27, 2017

Guild Ball: Hunter’s Guild ‘Hearne’

Well, I officially started on my son’s Hunter’s Guild for Guild Ball.  The plan (like the previous Guilds I have been painting) is to have them completed by the time he arrives for SteamCon USA.  Luckily he did send me the entire Guild, only 6 models, so I should have them completed in time.  Plus the color palette for the Hunter’s, Greens/Browns fit my painting style, so they should also look decent on the table top.  I also asked my son if he wanted the highlights to be ‘subtle’ or to really ‘pop’.  He elected on them to be more ‘subtle’ and blend more with the base color, so that is what I tried to do.

I elected to start off with ‘Hearne’, a Centre Back for the Guild.  Being a 40mm model it would be a little bit easier for me to paint and see how I like the color palette.  I enjoy painting the 40mm models and I feel they come out looking a little nicer.




Painting Points: 2

I have Jaecar up next on the painting table and then need to still decide who will be next and start getting them prepped.


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