October 23, 2017

Guild Ball: Blacksmith’s Guild Completed

I mentioned in my first post this morning it was going to be a busy day in news for Guild Ball, and her we are the fourth post of the day.  With my recent post on Blacksmith’s Guild ‘Furnace’, I now have completed the Blacksmith’s Guild   I was able to meet my goal line date by the end of October.   I wanted to have them completed by the end of the month so that it will free up the month of November for other models, and so that I know that the Blacksmith’s are completed and ready to go for SteamCon USA the first weekend in December.

So what is going to his the painting table next?  Possibly the Hunter’s Guild.  My wife flies home from Arizona late tonight and I should know tomorrow morning if she is bringing along my son’s Hunter’s Guild.  If she did, then that Guild will be next with a deadline by the end of November (when my oldest flies in for SteamCon).  I am not sure if he is sendinig the entire Guild, or just the 6 models he wants to play with at SteamCon, guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

If the Hunter’s do not arrive, then we may mix in some Union models and Mortician’s that I still have to finish.  I may lean towards the Mortican’s since I have less to finish to complete that Guild.

Then who knows....not related to Guild Ball, but I always like the models from Malifaux, but never played the game.  Debating on getting in a demo game and possibly picking up some models.  I am still undecided on this one (I do not get to go out play that often), so for me it is more the collecting of the game (and I have every Guild Ball model there is, not included all the Limited Edition models).  I still have plenty of Warmachine/Hordes models also, but currently that game is not doing much for me...we’ll see what happens...my oldest really likes Warmachine/Hordes, so if we convince him to move to Michigan, I’ll be able to get to play that game more often along with more Guild Ball.


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