October 24, 2017

Guild Ball: Hunter’s Guild Hit The Queue

My wife landed late last night after visiting my two oldest boys back in Arizona and while driving home from the airport, she tells me that she has a package for me from my oldest.  I guess he did pack up some of his Hunter’s Guild models and sent them my way.

I opened the box this morning and he has 6 models for me to paint along with a pitfall-marker.

The models are as follows:


I did not see a Mascot in the box, so I am assuming he will get that done himself (or he already completed one).  I do know that he does have Seenah on his own painting table.

Now I need to decide what kind of color palette I will be using, more than likely lots of different shades of browns and some greens.  Green is his favorite color and it will be the color I use to link them all as Team (I try to do that with all my Guilds).

Looks like I’ll be busy for a bit.


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