October 11, 2017

Guild Ball: Fisherman’s Guild ‘Tentacles’

Yesterday it was the second Captain for the Fisherman’s Guild, today it is the second Mascot for the Guild with ‘Tentacles’.  With that I have a full 10 man Team painted for Regional Cup play with only ‘Kraken’ and ‘Veteran Siren’ left to paint to comnplete the full Guild.

I actually like the way ‘Tentacles’ came out, and the picture itself is not to bad either.  Now that I have been getting the Fisherman painted lately, it is gicing me the itch to get them on the Pitch again.  I would drive up to Grand Rapids for a game tonight (so it would also count for The Union in Chains), but car troubles and picking up my pet from the Vet looks like it will keep me from playing tonight.



Painting Points: 2


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