April 5, 2017

Hordes: Minions Viktor Pendrake (Solo)

We are five days into April and I finally completed a model for this month.  With AdeptiCon now over for 2017, I have no 'rush' to get something completed.  My British Army for Bolt Action is now playable (though I still have models I will slowly add to it through out the year) and I have yet to assemble my sons and mine Airborne models for next year's AdeptiCon.  So I'll be completing mode Minion models for Hordes and finishing up my Guild Ball Guilds.  Once I know of a Guild Ball Tournament that I can attend, I'll have the push I need to complete my Engineer's (they are more than half done at the moment).

So we are now back to painting some Minions.  Again, I am working on the new Blindwater Theme that released at the end of March.  For every 20 points of Units in the list granting a 'free Solo', I needed to add quite a bit of Solo's to my collection.

I know present you with 'Viktor Pendrake' who will help out my Posse Units attacking enemy Warbeasts with his Beast Lore.

 Viktor Pendrake

 Viktor Pendrake

 Viktor Pendrake

Painting Points: 1


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