April 8, 2017

Guild Ball: Engineer's Guild 'Ballista'

I'd like to welcome you all to the Captain of the Engineering Guild.......'Ballista'.

Every Guild Ball has a Captain and it was about time I finally got my painted.  I started with the slightly easier models (the Mechanica) to get an idea of the colors I wanted to use, and now it was time to move onto some of the other models.  Unlike his counter-part at the Captain position, 'Ballista' is a bit more of a brute.  'Pin Vice' is more for scoring and 'Ballista' can just about stand his ground.  Dont get me wrong, I am playing Guild Ball for th scoring aspect of the game, but I also need a few models that wont be asily taken out.  On a plus side, I really like his Legendary Play Breach!




Painting Points: 1


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