April 27, 2017

Guild Ball: Engineer's Guild 'Compound'

Last Friday the new Season 3 Rulebook for Guild Ball was released (a very nice book with great artwork) and along with my order I decided to include another model for my Engineer's Guild.  After seeing what the Fisherman can do to me in scoring, I thought maybe it may be fun to try a Goalkeeper against them next time.  The Engineer's Guild now have access to two Goalkeepers, 'Compound' and 'Veteran Velocity'.  I decided to go with 'Compound' since I really like playing with the normal 'Velocity' on the Pitch (and you cannot have two of the same named models on the Pitch at the same time).

One thing to note about 'Compound' is that he can actually play for two different Guilds, the Alchemist's and the Engineer's.

I can really see myself using his Character Trait Rush Keeper a lot along with his Character Play Horrific Odor.  Hopefully those two together will slow the Fisherman down.



Painting Points: 2


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