April 17, 2017

Bolt Action: United States 'Airborne Bazooka Teams 1 & 2'

For next years AdeptiCon 2018 my son and I will be playing in the Bolt Action Team Tournament.  Jeremy runs the Team Tournament to be more of a themed event and for everyone to have fun, where as the top award in the event is Best Sportsman.  My son and I always wanted to add Airborne Units to our armies, so we decided that we will do a 'Market Garden' themed army.  My son will be playing United States, and I will paint up some British for myself.

I still have plenty of time to paint before AdeptiCon 2018, but I thought I might as well slowly get started so that I am not rushed last minute next year.  This also gives us time to modify our lists in case anything changes rules wise or points wise.  For now we are basing our armies on 1600 points (800/800) as were the rules for this year.

When most people think of the uniforms for the United States Airborne, they think of movies like 'Saving Private Ryan' or TV shows like 'Band of Brothers', but for 'Operation Market Garden', the United States Airborne were issued the new M1943 uniform which was a darker shade of green.

I was curious how they guys would turn out with the M1943 uniforms and painted up my sons Bazooka Teams yesterdy as test subjects.  I am actually really happy the way they turned out and think 800 points painted like this will look real nice.

 United States: Airborne Bazooka Team 1

 United States: Airborne Bazooka Team 1

 United States: Airborne Bazooka Team 2

 United States: Airborne Bazooka Team 2

Painting Points: 4

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