April 8, 2017

Hordes: Minions Swamp Horror (Warbeast)

At AdeptiCon late March, I picked up a lot of Minions models and I am just about half way throough them.  The Batte Engine is still on that list and that one will take some time and dedication to complete.  There are not a lot of Minion models, let alone Hordes models that I do not like, and Swamp Horror is one of those that really does 'nothing' for me.  I could not really get into painting this model and fely more like 'let's just get it done', and it shows.  I can definitely say it is not one of my best models.  I think it has to do with the shade of blue/green (it was also giving me issues when I was painting my Trollbloods).  I probably should have gone with the shades of green I've been using for my Minions, but elected to go more with the studio color.

Changing the pace for the next model and back to Guild Ball.

 Swamp Horror

 Swamp Horror

Painting Points: 5


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