April 1, 2017

Guild Ball: Engineer's Guild 'Colossus'

Even though it is April 1st, this guy was completed last night to count as March points for my 'Painting Point's.  'Colossus' is a Central Midfielder with a pretty decent MOV/TAC/KICK, he is lacking in the DEF department, but does proivide a 2 ARM.  He also has the largest Melee Zone of all my Engineer's at 2".

I picked up this model with the rest of my original Engineer's at the LVO back in February and I am slowly getting around to painting them.  Mixing in a few models here and there in between painting Hordes and Bolt Action.  While I was painting 'Colossus' this week, I also was painting 'Locus' at the same time (stay tuned for a post on him).



Painitng Points: 5


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