April 14, 2017

Guild Ball: Engineer's Guild 'Ratchet'

"Considered somewhat of a maverick by other members of the guild, Ratchet is often the creative mind behind their latest inventions. He wields his explosive bombs at matches, and ensures the mechanical players remain fully operational through the bloodiest of games."

It has been a few days since we seen a painted model here.  I had a Guild Ball game this past Tuesday night (which I lost 12-4 vs Fisherman) so I did not want to have to start a model and be interupted. 

I had only three more models left to complete for my Engineer's Guild,  'Ratchet', 'Salvo', and 'Pin Vice'.  I decided to paint 'Ratchet' next since he is just about a 'gimme' in any Engineer's Roster.  His abilities to help other Mechanica models really helps this team.




Painting Points: 1


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