April 7, 2017

Hordes: Minions Targ (Solo)

The Minion Faction is broken down into two groups, the Gatorman, and the Farrows.  Prior to the release of MkIII you had to either play all Gatorman or all Farrows.  With the release of MkIII last Summer, the Minions can now mix and match with one exception.  Gatorman Warlocks must use Gatorman Warbeasts and Farrow Warlocks must use Farrow Warbeasts.  The rest of the Units can now be mixed.

As I mentioned in my last two posts, I have been working on painting models for the new Blindwater Theme (Gators), which excludes the use of any Farrow models.  But just prior to the release of the Theme, I had purchased a few Farrow models.  'Targ' is my first Farrow model that hit my painting table and is completed.  Will he see any action that the new Theme is out, I hope so.  Although the new Theme helps out the Gatorman Posse Unit, there are still a lot of strong lists for Minions that do not fit into Theme.  'Targ' is an Attachment to a Minion Warlock and really helps out the Warbeasts in the Battlegroup.



Painting Points: 1


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